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photo by @assialens



The Rainbow Heart Project works to install murals in public spaces worldwide with the goal of promoting diversity and inclusion.  Koko Bayer explains, 'With our civil rights under attack, seeing LGBTQ+ representation and positive messaging in public spaces is crucial. 


The #RainbowHeartProject started in June of 2020 as a response to Pride celebrations being canceled. “In our community, Pride is a time to bond and be seen, the rare moment when we feel like a majority. I wanted my LGBTQ+ family to feel hopeful that things would get better."

The first murals featuring a rainbow heart with the words "Hope" and "Love"  went up outside LGBTQ+ spaces  Since then, hundreds more have gone up in public places, including schools, hospitals, and shelters. They became a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. We have been brought in after natural disasters and mass shootings to try to help communities heal.

This past December, she installed #MIA1, a '24x32 foot Rainbow Love mural dedicated to the victims of the Club Q mass shooting for the Wynwood Mural Fest during Art Basel Miami.  In 2023 installs have ranged from billboards in the middle of a prairie dog town for Louisville, Colorado, to a multi-wall activation in London.



Please partner with us to help remind people that we are all connected and that we all deserve to have our human rights respected. If you have a public location for a permanent mural installation or would like to sponsor an installation, please contact US at


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