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07.20.2023 acoma house

2023-07-20- Acoma House Art Suite 109.JPG

07.19.2023 times-call

2023-7-19 - Times Call by Dasna Cadey.JPG

05.31.2023 westword

2023-05-31 - Westword.JPG

07.18.2022 ex libris dpl

2022-07-18 ex libris DPL.JPG

05.19.2022 ASPEN TIMES

04.14.2022 boulder philarmonic

12.10.2021 denver post

Denver Post 12 10 2021.JPG

11.20.2021 Rocky Mountain PBS

10.21.2021 DENVERITE

DENVERITE 10-21-2021.JPG

04.23.2021 DENVERITE

09.24.2021 Rocky Mountain PBS

07.15.2021 THE Denver Post

Denver post 07 15 2021.JPG

06.03.2021 ASPEN TIMES

03.16.2021 WESTWORD

03.04.2021 denver botanic gardens

westword best of denver 2021

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02.05.2021 colorado public radio, Colorado matters 

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12.22.2020 THE DENVER POST

Denver Post December 22 2020 1.JPG
Denver Post December 22 2020.JPG

12.01.2020 rocky mountain PBS - COLORADO VOICES

11.28.2020 rocky mountain PBS

11.26.2020 msmayhem

09.19.2020 WESTWORD

08.17.2020 303 MAGAZINE

08.14.2020 DENVERITE

07.30.2020 303 MAGAZINE

303 magazine 07302020.JPG

07.15.2020 KDVR 

05.18.2020 dENVER 7


01.02.2020 303 MAGAZINE

10.27.2019 DENVERITE

07.01.2019 Modern in Denver Magazine

modern in denver 9-15-2019.JPG

02.2019 Birdy Magazine #62

Birdy 6202-2019.JPG

02.16.2019 westword - COVER STORY

westword cover 02 16 2019.JPG

02.16.2019 westword SLIDESHOW

Westword 02-06-2019.JPG

09.07.2017 5280

07.19.2017 OFM - COVER STORY




Denver-based artist Koko Bayer focuses on making art in public spaces   Since 2015, she has installed thousands of temporary outdoor works for her Temporary Structures Project, a collaboration with grandfather Herbert Bayer’s groundbreaking art.   "By blending his designs with her contemporary style, Koko Bayer creates visually striking and thought-provoking artworks that pay homage to her grandfather's legacy while also exploring her voice. "


She is a member of the leadership team for Babe Walls, a non-profit that produces mural/mentoring events for womxn and non-binary artists.  "Babe Walls teams experienced muralists with talented artists who have never done a mural before.  It's a great way for womxn and non-binary artists to learn and to get their foot in the door of the mural world." 


In April 2020, Koko started #ProjectSpreadHope, a series of murals to inspire positivity during the pandemic. Over the past three years, she has installed hundreds of large Pink Lemonade Heart and Rainbow heart murals throughout Colorado, as well as in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Miami.  


The #RainbowHeartProject began in June of 2020  as a response to Pride celebrations being canceled.   “In our community, Pride is a time to bond and be seen, the rare moment when we feel like a majority. I wanted my LGBTQ+ sisters and brothers to feel hopeful that things would get better."  


The first temporary murals went up outside LGBTQ + spaces, and hundreds more have gone up in public places, schools, hospitals, and shelters.   This past December,  she did a '24x32 foot Rainbow Love mural dedicated to the victims of the Club Q mass shooting for the Wynwood Mural Fest during Art Basel Miami 2022.


"With our civil rights under attack from anti-LGBTQ+ legislation targeting transgender youth and free speech, it’s crucial to have representation and positive messages in public spaces. My goal for the Rainbow Heart Project is to install  Rainbow Heart murals throughout the World. "

Her work has been featured in several mural festivals, including  RiNo  Chrush Walls 2016-2020, StreetWise Art 2019/2020,  BabeWalls 2020/2021/2022, Rocky Mountain Walls, Colorcon, and  B-Line Chicago and most recently, Wynwood Mural Fest 2022. Recent solo exhibitions include  “Pink Lemonade Hope”  in the Freyer–Newman Center at the Denver Botanic Gardens and “Souvenirs” and “Hope Shop” at Dateline Gallery.

see her latest projects on Instagram @kokonofilter


Meet the Artist: Koko Bayer

Denver botanic GARDENS

"Best new street art Project"

best of Denver 2020


"Denver Artist Koko Bayer’s #ProjectSpreadHope

Interview by Ryan Warner

Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio


"Inside the art of Koko Bayer"

Video by Polina Saran



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