The Deluxe Sticker Pack comes in a custom #PinkLemonadeHope cloth zip pencil bag with: 

1  Limited edition cement #BlockUniversal

3  three-inch stickers of original #ProjectSpreadHope images:  #PinkLemonadeHope, #RainbowHope and #PinkLemonadeEsperanza,

2  two-inch phone-sized  stickers of #PinkLemonadeHope and #RainbowHope,

+ a surprise sticker and a free augmented reality post card from my colaboration with New Genres Collective for RedLine Arts Checking in project. 


Proeceeds go to support the #ProjectSpreadHope print fund.   Note: zipper colors will vary and be either: yellow, pink, blue or black





Deluxe Sticker Pack with Block Universal